Limestone Countertops Ottawa – Carefree Maintenance

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With so many options open to those looking for a new countertop, it can be a bit overwhelming. Composite or vinyl countertops are very cheap, but usually need to be replaced due to their lack of strength. Scratches, dents and even gouges can occur in a short amount of time. The best alternative is a natural stone product. In the past, granite and marble have been the top choices for both kitchen and bathroom countertops, but a growing trend has been to install a brilliant new limestone countertop. Available in both tile and slab, limestone countertops offer the endurance and carefree maintenance of stone, with the look and feel you're aiming for in a home remodel.
A limestone countertop in the kitchen can make selling your home a much easier task, if that's your plan. The reasons why this high end building material can help sell your home quickly are also the reasons why many people simply want to incorporate it into their own home. The heat resistance offered through the use of a limestone countertop makes it an ideal choice for those who are avid cookers. They are also incredibly easy to clean and are, for the most part, maintenance free. A simple wipe is usually enough to keep this surface looking great for decades. Like any investment though, you will want to protect it. Placing pots and pans directly on any countertop surface can eventually lead to unsightly scratches, so use your commons sense when dealing with anything you think might cause a problem. Also, limestone is more porous than either marble or granite and should be sealed to protect your investment. Acidic foods and drinks can etch the surface of limestone if actions aren't taken as quickly as possible to preserve the beautiful surface.
Limestone and bathrooms go hand in hand. Limestone countertops, as well as floor and wall tiles, can make your bathroom look sophisticated and elegant. Bathroom limestone maintenance is incredibly easy if the stones are sealed adequately. With dozens of colours and textures available, applying limestone in your next bathroom renovation can help you achieve the design of your dreams, leaving you with the satisfaction of a beautiful finish that is sure to last a lifetime. No abrasive cleaners are required to take care of limestone countertops; just a simple solution of soap and warm water is more than enough to bring out the regal look of this incredible natural stone.
Incorporating a limestone countertop into your next home renovation is an ideal way to attain that sophisticated look you're after with the durability and permanence that everyone looks for in an investment. With its stunning looks and easy maintenance, you'd be hard pressed to find another material that can so effortlessly tie together a home design while increasing the property's value and appeal. Contact only the best natural stone supplier today to speak with a knowledgeable representative who can help point you in the right direction and provide guidance on proper care and installation.